Sunday, December 12, 2010

practicing my photography skills or rather trying to develop them. i think the little photo shoot in the back yard came out pretty good! I am slowing feeling more confident and more knowledgeable

a few of our thanksgiving trip out to cali. my nephew took the one of sebi and me i think he did a great job!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

more halloween fun we dipped this cookies on a stick in melting chocolate (pretty ez) and added eyes and some other details. I think we'll give them to the Nursery leaders to try and score some points with all of them.

Soliluz LOVED her little pumpkin. It was fun to make jack-o-lanterns yesterday for FHE
We went to the Fair. It was nice but expensive (lame)

sometimes its nice to be a little buzy. hopefully next time i post it'll have some fotos of the back yard!!!! (because it'll be done)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Decor
I really don't like to spend a lot of money on anything I don't have to :) So when I saw this "craft" in a mag i couldn't resist. I bought about 15 plates in the dollar area of Target and then made my faces and punched the holes and then hung it up. TADA! A craft finished in the amount of time it takes the kids to finish a snack (i could have had them do it if they were a little bit older. OR i could have cut out shapes, for eyes and mouths with some black paper or even out of the big black roll of tape that we have but i couldn't wait) I strung mine together with some ribbon i had laying around but it would look even better if i had used GREEN fabric or ribbon to string them together....oh well next year i guess :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

this is pretty much the free stuff that i pulled from the side of the road. it's not much now but hopefully if i can learn how to paint it properly some of this won't but things people will want to throw out :) heee hee hopefullythis i did not pull it was just given to me! unfortunately this skyline doesn't fit well with the rest of the house so i guess i'll just have to change that
tool for better spray paint control....still struggling. guess it's more of the person behind the tools than the tools themselfs :S blerg
free from the road!
oh this is a before and after of a little pencil holder tin i had that i thought to my self....i wonder if i could just spray paint that right now.....

more after photos to come.....hopefully
so we finally got Soliluz a new chair. she kinda finally got big enough for a bigger chair and since we knew she'd use this one for awhile awhile we got her this one. i think she likes it :)

so we went to the fire station last weekend. Oct is fire safety month and they had a really nice little set up for kids and families to come and visit the fire station. We got some fun pictures and had a nice little time there. They also were giving out free ice cream so that was great too. Mosiah was leery of the fireman in his whole get up with the mask and everything and Soliluz was a bit distracted from it all once she got a balloon. But we had a nice time and it's always nice to get out as a family.

this weekend we have planned for a REAL babysitter to come (yes we are paying her and she's a teenager. this is a first!) while my mom me and sebi go out to a comedy show and then on saturday it continues with a trip to the pumpkin patch! I love that the weather is cooling down and that we can finally go outside again. October is set to be a very buzy month :) horray!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

i had all this stuff to blog about and now...blank. drat. Well let me start with what i know. Conferance was good exspecially the parts i actually got to listen to. I made coloring pages for the kiddies and we played with playdough, strun beads on pipe cleaners, had some magnets on a tray blah blah. it was pretty good. Mosiah kinda got it. It's always fun to see what he's picking up on. He got that the prophet was on TV which i'm counting as a super-rific achivement.
oh! this month is going to be SOOO busy! there is the fair (which since all of you have had a great time at i figure i better go and see what PHX has to offer), pumpkin patching, and ofcourse HALLOWEEN. Mosiah has desided firmly on being Superman. Yes folks my son went from Thomas the train to Superheros. Thats the way i roll no mind numming Spongebob dummy stuff for him. and he's started on the good stuff too the OLD superman the one where my mom passing by says "hey that's superman? i think i watched this when i was a kid" :)
Sebi? oh i guess he's pretty set on being Batman so we'll have to see where i'm going to get both of these costumes since they don't really fit into my M.O. of "make a costume in 30 mins or less b/c we are about to walk out the door" as for me and the little gal i don't know yet (here is where my nerd shows) i wanted to do something that kinda goes together b/c mosiah and sebi would both be DC comics but i don't think we'd go all Justisc Legde and be Hawkgirl and WonderWomen....well, maybe we'll see that'd be kinda a stretch to do i think....hummmm....yeah i don't know. anyway! no pics this time just hard core text with which i notice some spelling errors...sorry it's getting late for me i should NOT be awake right now. oh also found some "good" scraps of stuff in the street. the first trash pick up of the month people can throw out thier "big" items so i found some things we'll see if i use it. ofcourse if i do i'll let you know. better go now i can hear my pillow.......zzzzzzzzz oh! sorry nite!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Saturday was filled with tearing up the yard to put in spinkler lines, primary program practice and Gen Relief Society mtg. It was a buzy day but it's good to be buzy sometimes. Here is the love of my life fighting with a groundhog machine to put in the sprinkler trenches. Hopefully we'll have a yard SOON! then on friday i just happened by the Chick fil a near our house and they had a prince/princess night where kids dressed up got a free kids meal. AWESOME ! ofcourse i threw together thier crowns right before we walked out the door to go :) i really do last min costumes. Soliluz loved the fries and Mosiah kept saying that he was Superman. Hence the hands on his hips etc. We all had a great time and got our bellies full. Also i didn't remember that they give little books in thier meals instead of toys. We got two differant ones in the "If you give a mouse a cookie" series

it was a super fun weekend! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

too cute not to post finally her hair is long enough that i can stick a clip in it! horray!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Just the kids this is soliluz
and here is Mosiah after a SERIOUS haircut. :( i'll miss his little locks but it was a little out of control and he wasn't talerating the scirors very well like he has in the past so i was left to break out the clippers which i can control a lot better but sadly his hair will be sooooo short. he was also great about letting me get pictures of the back and the front....well mostly great :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

so a few, nevermind nearly 7, years ago my sister and I went to mexico. while i was there i was on a mission to find a "house dress" that was white that was colorful that was beautiful. finally after a whole days search we found one. it was more than i wanted it to be but i just had to have it. I loved wearing it as pajamas while i was down there but when we got back i just put it in my closet. Well, two nights ago i wanted to wear something comfortable and more like a giant t-shirt but not a tee as i was looking in my closet for something i said "wait what about that?!" oh my goodness it's perfect!!! I love this little house dress. I don't even want to leave the house b/c then I have to get dressed and take it off. If you don't have one I recommend one :) on another note at our house I have a craft room. and I had the idea of drilling holes in some of the issues of Living that i have to put up on the wall. to store them but also so they are in arms reach of being thumbed through for inspiration. It came out pretty good i think! If you have magazines laying around maybe try this I really love it

and look Mosiah even somehow made it into this picture

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

ok! so it's been a year.....sorry about that
my new goal is to post something at least weekly but really more like a photo a day. i'd like to see what happens in our life for a year one photo at a time. anyway! here was yesterday

here are the kids all nice and clean at the start of playing in the flour.....

and now here are the kids after oh...i don't know about 7mins

yeah...just another reason why it takes me an entire year to upload two pictures