Sunday, January 04, 2009

This was our christmas. Here at our house we didn't have a lot of presents and I had to force Mosiah to open his gifts so we could take some pictures after this one we just opened it for him pretty much and then he saw the actual toy and wanted to play with the stuff

This is the sand kit we got him. I think he's really going to enjoy digging around when we go to the park with this

Sebi got a nice sweater from my brother's family

We got this pool toy for Mosiah but we didn't think that he'd love it this much! as soon as he saw it he huged the little duck head and gave it a kiss! lol

finally we got that present opened. I look more suprized than he does

Mosiah in the duck again. it's like a little nest for him. He also got that keyboard because he LOVES to press buttons so we thought we'd put it to good use and let him learn the piano ahahha

We went to my brother's house in UT. I don't have to tell you guys that it was cooolllldd outside. we planned to go sledding. although we bundled Mosiah up he fell asleep in the 2 min car ride to the hill we were going to sled on. You can see what he thinks of this "winter" get up.

Us Christmas day opening gifts with my brothers family

My little sister Zafir with her biggest fan Mosiah

This is Mosiah Christmas morning. Sleeping.

Well that was our holiday season. New Years we stayed home too and kept it really low key and went to bed after NY hit midnight. *yawn* I'm tired right now...maybe i should take a lesson from my son and go sleep a bit.
nite nite