Sunday, September 25, 2011

oh hi! i figured out my password! so now i can come back. sorry about being gone.

here's what i did for a Wild Kratts birthday party for boy blue.
I made some creature power suits out of black felt and colored felt.  For the middle of the paw print I made it into a pocket so that the kids could put their discs "in" their it was just two pieces sewed in a circle and then sewn on the vest part in a 1/2 circle
wild kratts birthday

the cake was just regular cake decorated like a nature scene but I went to the grocery store bakery with a picture of some creature power discs so they could print it out on edible paper. I got two sheets printed...i could have survived with just one...but..anyway yeah. It made such a HUGE difference to just be able to throw them on to finish the design, not worry about needing to peel off the paper b/c you can't eat it etc. It was just the right touch and so much easier for me than trying to do it myself. (only about 7 dollars a page not bad at all!)

For the games we had the kids wear their power suits then we tied streamers around their waists and they had to run around a pull off each other's "tails"it was so much fun we did it a couple of times.  Then for the "fish" powers we filled blue balloons with air and then "trapped" them in the hall so that it would be like water to swim in just...less wet. LOVED IT! We then had the kids eat cookies that were like sticks as fast as they could for their beaver power! They loved it.  The bat powers we did a take on Marco Polo, but we said Wild Kratts instead.

so that was how boy blue turned 4! hooray!
wild kratts birthday's the jpeg of the discs just incase you want them too :)