Sunday, September 20, 2009

ok so i went to Iowa for a while and that was quite an experiance for me with the two kids by myself. Thankfully they slept at night which really saved my hide because if they hadn't i would have been so super crazy.
So since coming home I have come home with a few good habits that I'm hoping with really stick.
1. Going Out
My sister is big on go go going. Me not soo soo much but now that I've been more on that kind of pace for awhile we have been going out more. I'm excited to try out the Librarys culture pass stuff. Instead of checking out a book you check out a musuem or other attraction around the valley. Like the zoo or the childrens museum or the science center or the botanical garden. You get free admission for 4 people at each check out so that means that Mom and Sebi Me and Mosiah can go and do some of this stuff.
2. Going to the Library
I know it seems like why wouldn't i be doing this anyway. Well, the library closest to me you have to go pass all the computers to get to the kids area with a few little things for the kids to do and all the books. this proves difficult for my son. He can't seem to just keep walking to go and play with the little toys and things he just wants to play with the computers :S which he does at home so it isnt really incouraging to go to the library. BUT i'm going to other locations to see what kind of area they have for kids. So far my search has proved to be unfruitful but i shant give up.
3. Exersiceing
My sister's house has stairs. oh yes it has stairs. everything is on a differant level so you have to do stairs all day long. (perhaps the other reason my son was so willing to go to bed some nights there) Well, i happened to lose 15 lbs!! just doing the stairs at her house in the 3 weeks or so that I was there. I don't want to lose all of that for nothing so since I've been back I've been going to the little gym that my apt complex has. it's not fancy but it does provide a good place to work out with out intruption or distraction. Sebi has been great about helping me get out the door the few mornings that I said maybe i wouldn't go. Cuz i go in the morning it really sets the tone for the whole day and our whole house. ALTHOUGH, I feel kinda guilty that I'm getting time to go and do this while Sebi is at home. I feel a little guilty that I'm working out and "doing better" while he doesn't get that oportunity. *sigh I"m not going to let this guilt keep me from working out but I've got to find a way to give him the same oportunity.
4. ....uh... oh dear. i've forgotten what was the other things. ....oh well

anyway. i've just been more "go getter" since I got back from Iowa. I think part of it was my sisters house and another part was a talk/lesson in RS over there about time we spend online etc by Elder Bednar. I had had some ponderings before all of that about how we needed to change but the fact that we were gone so long and then came back provided the chance to really put some changes into motion.

oh and on another note.
last week i did a whole menu thing (like my mom has been bugging me to do all a long) and it was really helpful. I knew what I was making each day so it wasn't difficult to put dinner together. tonight i made a quiche and it was SOOO EZ! and yummy. wow. why didn't anyone tell me? Mosiah didn't eat too much of it (probably b/c of the spinach in it) but it really did come out good. Eggs are so cheap at the store this week that it really made me think about what I could do with them (and mosiah almost always eats eggs) oh and on the side we had brocalli salad. Really simple with rasins and some sunflower seeds that I had. I"m glad that we used up all the brocolli that I bought. We did not use up the celery :S before it went so limp that it wasn't use able.

oh and my camera died :( it's the sadest thing ever. it won't turn on and the last time that it did it gave me some kind of error msg and turned off :( i'm so sad b/c i was really starting to use it more and try my hand at photography as well as I'd like to have some more pictures/video of the kids and Soli. :S I don't even know what kind of camera i might like to get I knew this day would come but I just was not ready for it at all. *sad funeral music*

ok i think i'm done now.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Everyone is sleeping right now. which is funny because we're all in the office instead of in our beds. but it is really sweet when Mosiah and Sebi sleep together. lol they both end up snoring to keep each other company. The baby is having a hard time sleeping after 3am. *sigh and usually will fall back asleep right when everyone else is waking up which adds to the sleep depravation and is aggravating too. oh well hopefully she'll grow out of it sooooooon! She is growing a lot. which is good b/c maybe she'll start to fit into some of her clothes

Sunday, May 31, 2009

the baby came a little early but we're glad to have her

Sunday, April 26, 2009

yesterday we went out to Tempe Town Lake to watch boat races....but since we were hungry we desided to go to the nearby Tempe Marketplace to grab something to eat. but when we got out of the car Lucilles grabed us! with their tempting bbq smells that were so good. so after eating so much we desided to walk around a little bit. And discovered a "splash pad" Mosiah had never played with a fountian thingy like that before and wow did he love it! After playing in the water for a while we went to the bookstore and before we knew it we had to head home or we'd be later for a baptisum! ....We never made it to the races. But we did have a good day! :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

i know this is really lame of me but it's so hard to post twice sometimes that I guess I'm just doing this as a short cut

so there ya go

Saturday, March 21, 2009

wow i can't believe i've posted so much! lol

wow it feels sooooo good to finally have ALL the loads of laundry done! the other night i sat up in bed (just before falling asleep and said to sebi "a laundermat! we should just take all the clothes to the laundrymat and wash them all at once!" We had at LEAST 8-12 loads of laundry to do. I know i know how in the world did I get so behind?? (and i still have at least 2 to do b/c i didn't take the garments or whites but 2 is better than 12!!!) I have no idea how the clothes managed to pile up like that....well that's not intirely true they piled up like that b/c our dryer takes ALLLLL DAY to dry anything. It's very discouraging and so i've sorta been not intrested in doing laundry. I was just washing a few things and then drying them but never really able to wash the blankets (that we will be storing now that it's getting warmer) and towels and everything. it's really kinda rediculous i know. but I was able to do all 12 loads in 1 hour 40 mins instead of an entire week!! it's amazing to see all the clothes now that we've got them home and such a huge weight has been lifted off of me. *giant smile!* and! the washers did a GREAT job on the clothes (better than my washer here at home!)here are some pics of our day at the laundrymat

doing 12 loads of laundry can really wipe you out!!!
sebi taking picture with his ifone...not so bad i guess mosiah eating argentine cookie, he totally loves it

this is mosiah in nursery. he's favorite toy is the fone inside the house

it's about 4:03 am

so the baby has woken me up at 2:30ish and now again at about 3:30ish so i'm going to stay awake a little longer so that i can maybe force my self back to sleep b/c i'm so tired....riiiiight.
reasons why i'm awake:
the baby is moving around a whole lot
i'm sooooo thirsty
i had a dream about my aunt, which seems to happen more these days, i hope she's ok and i wish i could talk to her *sigh shes so buzy whenever i've called she can never talk for more than a few mins. yesterday i was craving raindrops yes the ones that fall from the sky......sadly there was no raini have my easter dress! and i keep thinking that i should start wearing it already b/c i like it so much. must restrain myself from doing so! it's a dress from old navy. they have some pretty cute dresses for "spring" i think i'm going to go back and get one more that is all blue, its like a superman blue, which i guess is really called royal blue or whatever. I remember that i saw a prego lady in boone last year with a sorta simular dress and she looked sooooo pretty. doubt I will be able to pull it off very well but at least i'll pretend i am in my head.....thinking of how things sometimes don't really go whith what you think I bought some pants at Lane Bryant. they were only 6 bucks and i needed more pants that i could wear now that i'm prego BUT these pants i just don't know what i can wear them with!! they are black and have bright blue stripes thin stripes down them.....a plain sturst shirt gooes ok but i just don't have some many of those.

I think i'm getting tired enough better go to bed now

Friday, March 06, 2009


pictures of prego belly and growing mosiah to follow......

Sunday, February 22, 2009

it's crazy to look at the trash and see it filled with tissues. How does the body come up with so much to have run out your nose??? sorry. that's a little discusting. It started out with mosiah being a little sick, fever, etc and now Sebi and I are holding in there. I think I might be doing worse than sebi...but maybe that's just me thinking that. Today I think would be a sacrament only kind of day if it wasn't for the fact that sebi has gospel principels to teach. I hope that he's lesson goes well i know that he understands it but i think it's difficult for him to teach it to a class kind of setting. Today I grab Mosiah and we went to look out the window and there was two ducks outside!! We've seen these ducks before at the pool swimming and given them a few crackers and things but today they were right outside our patio. I quickly grabbed some bread and went out side to feed them. Mosiah really loves it. I'm so proud of my little boy. He really is a good little boy. He tried to go and feed them himself and they ran away so we sat down and threw out some more bread and they came back. I love duck pairs. Did you know the same pair of ducks will spend thier entire lifes together? It's true! I think it's very sweet. Anyway...i better go and blow my nose...i'm having trouble breathing again. bleh

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I have 9 great ideas for a quiet book but I'm running into just a few creative blocks. So I start looking online, and while there are some good quiet books out there there isn't the ONE for me.....which is why i started the project in the first place.
Now I'm starting to re-think it all and second guess myself. It really isn't that hard to do and cutting the felt and sewing these "small" pieces together is a lot of fun. It's just that I'm re-thinking the whole thing and wondering if I can really do it and finding myself fusterated because of some tiny little road blocks.
That's really the biggest problem is that you need all these small parts for like one page of the book and it's REALLY really difficult to buy in tiny-isty-bitty quantaties. *sigh and while i'm trying to use scraps i have and get a little creative about it I just feel a little stuck. I know that when I'm done with it i'll be so proud because I've done it myself and it'll be just how i want it......hopefully.
Here are the list of the 9 pages and the idea for them
Make a face page ---- blank face with felt pieces for the eyes nose mouth ears, possibly even differant types of eyes noses and mouths (smiling sad big small etc)
Weave a Web ----- small black felt spider with string attached to page white pieces of felt for child to weave web over and under "creating a web"
Lace a Shoe ---- outline of a shoe, to strips of fabric with 4 eyelets to lace shoelace through
Catch a Fish ----- blue felt cut into shape of waves sewn on as a pocket, felt fish with magent inside to connect with "fishing pole" (stick, string and metal clasp)
Buckle the Collar ---- shape of dog cut out space for buckle to be sewn on
Match the Shapes ---- felt shapes velcro or snaps on back to match up with the page
Heres' where i'm running into problems (besides the other little problems with the pages I do have figured out)Zip up the Coat ---- jacket shape zipper........ Train? something with like button on the train Farm? fun foam animals inside "barn pocket"?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

This was our christmas. Here at our house we didn't have a lot of presents and I had to force Mosiah to open his gifts so we could take some pictures after this one we just opened it for him pretty much and then he saw the actual toy and wanted to play with the stuff

This is the sand kit we got him. I think he's really going to enjoy digging around when we go to the park with this

Sebi got a nice sweater from my brother's family

We got this pool toy for Mosiah but we didn't think that he'd love it this much! as soon as he saw it he huged the little duck head and gave it a kiss! lol

finally we got that present opened. I look more suprized than he does

Mosiah in the duck again. it's like a little nest for him. He also got that keyboard because he LOVES to press buttons so we thought we'd put it to good use and let him learn the piano ahahha

We went to my brother's house in UT. I don't have to tell you guys that it was cooolllldd outside. we planned to go sledding. although we bundled Mosiah up he fell asleep in the 2 min car ride to the hill we were going to sled on. You can see what he thinks of this "winter" get up.

Us Christmas day opening gifts with my brothers family

My little sister Zafir with her biggest fan Mosiah

This is Mosiah Christmas morning. Sleeping.

Well that was our holiday season. New Years we stayed home too and kept it really low key and went to bed after NY hit midnight. *yawn* I'm tired right now...maybe i should take a lesson from my son and go sleep a bit.
nite nite