Saturday, March 21, 2009

it's about 4:03 am

so the baby has woken me up at 2:30ish and now again at about 3:30ish so i'm going to stay awake a little longer so that i can maybe force my self back to sleep b/c i'm so tired....riiiiight.
reasons why i'm awake:
the baby is moving around a whole lot
i'm sooooo thirsty
i had a dream about my aunt, which seems to happen more these days, i hope she's ok and i wish i could talk to her *sigh shes so buzy whenever i've called she can never talk for more than a few mins. yesterday i was craving raindrops yes the ones that fall from the sky......sadly there was no raini have my easter dress! and i keep thinking that i should start wearing it already b/c i like it so much. must restrain myself from doing so! it's a dress from old navy. they have some pretty cute dresses for "spring" i think i'm going to go back and get one more that is all blue, its like a superman blue, which i guess is really called royal blue or whatever. I remember that i saw a prego lady in boone last year with a sorta simular dress and she looked sooooo pretty. doubt I will be able to pull it off very well but at least i'll pretend i am in my head.....thinking of how things sometimes don't really go whith what you think I bought some pants at Lane Bryant. they were only 6 bucks and i needed more pants that i could wear now that i'm prego BUT these pants i just don't know what i can wear them with!! they are black and have bright blue stripes thin stripes down them.....a plain sturst shirt gooes ok but i just don't have some many of those.

I think i'm getting tired enough better go to bed now

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