Friday, December 12, 2008

Yesterday we went to my mom's class. They were having a read-a-thon and she is always talking about Mosiah so she asked me to bring him. He had a good time running around the classroom. The kids were excited he was there too. I showed them that he knew how to give a high five and they loved that. I think he got a little confused when they raised thier hand for something b/c he tried to give them a high five then too.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Someone recently reminded me of how much Mosiah has grown. Here's a funny little video from yesterday.

also i'm suppose to start packing up the house and i just don't have the will power to force myself to do it. *sigh. I know that it'll be better in the long run b/c then we will have an eazier's just so annoying, since I just packed everything up 6 months ago. But hey, if it means saving 100 bucks in rent then yeah it's worth it.

Monday, December 08, 2008

didn't get the house, loan grinches nuff said
desided to renew contract at apt complex
bought a VitaMix for aniversary, much smoothie making insues

find out Pica is pregnant
Pica feels sick most of the time, lots of soda drinking to curb nasusa
Sebi's sisters family comes to visit good time
Pica has sharp sharp pains in abdomin, ER visit....9 1/2 weeks along
Sebi gets laid off day before Thanksgiving (thankful we don't have a morgage to worry about)Thanksgiving, made the bestest mash potatos in VitaMix. Mom steals all the left overs of the potatos

apt complex going to charge much more to keep our 1 brm, SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper to move to a 2 brm
Mosiah gets a screaming complex, drives Pica mad.
Sebi and Pica are challanged by little sister to "go on a date" (we went and we had a WONDERFUL time playing pool)
Picaorganizes laundry area, and washes lots of clothes

Sebi goes to some interviews
Thursday play group from 10-12 much much better than Wednesday playgroup that is a hit and miss
Prep on Saturday for Sunday, clothes picked out, diper bag packed, showers done at night.
Went to battle of the ward choirs, 90% of the aduiance is in one of the 7 choirs (kinda funny at the end when they all go up to sing the Hallaluh chorus, very few people left sitting in the pews)
Pica realizes that everything must some how get packed, so they can move a few blgs over
Sebi starts his new job
Which acutally brings us to today. I guess there are some other things that I've missed but I guess that's what happens when you don't post for a long time.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

hahahah! i remembered my username and password! horray!!!