Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Someone recently reminded me of how much Mosiah has grown. Here's a funny little video from yesterday.

also i'm suppose to start packing up the house and i just don't have the will power to force myself to do it. *sigh. I know that it'll be better in the long run b/c then we will have an eazier's just so annoying, since I just packed everything up 6 months ago. But hey, if it means saving 100 bucks in rent then yeah it's worth it.


Holly said...

Hey!! Glad to see you are back!! Sorry about the packing and moving...I absolutely hate that too!! Hopefully it won't be too bad for you!! You have a cute family!!

Mike loves Rachel said...

Mosiah is soooooo cute! Good luck with packing and moving.Be glad that you don't have to move in the snow!I can't believe its suppose to snow another six inches!!!!!!!Help! Take care.