Thursday, February 09, 2012

So the other night I was making PR food and I made my own fresh Sofrito. I have made this before and I love using it in my food but there's no real way to save what's left. I've put it in jars in the keeps for a week at best. I've put it in ice cube makes the freezer smell (there's a lot of garlic and onion in this recipe) and the cubes get freezer burned easily. So the other night I felt so defeated that I just made the best batch I've ever made in my life and it was going to go to waste. :( booooo. If only I had containers that I could put a small few tablespoons in....and then it hit me!

I had a zillion of those little bags that they sell at the craft store for jewelry etc. PERFECT! Every thing fit into nice little portioned bags. Contained and "sealed" this was good enough to at least allow me to save my "secret sauce" for another occasion and it'd be so easy to defrost etc. Horray!!!

Then it hit me....why stop there?! My husband wishes there was a way to take a sandwich to work with mayo mustard etc with out getting the bread soggy! Or a salad without having to get the lettuce all mixed up with the dressing! You can totally portion control it too So now I will never have to deal with the fact there is that "little bit of sauce" that I have no container for....Because now I DO! Yippie!

I really think this could work for other things baking soda, baking powder to measure out a couple of TBS or tbs of anything to have quick on hand (like for pancakes in the morning).
A small little bag of treats for kids? raisins? candy? perfect and ah-maze-zing!

this is a really really smart idea and i hope that all of you can use it :) it has changed my life forever :)