Saturday, March 21, 2009

wow it feels sooooo good to finally have ALL the loads of laundry done! the other night i sat up in bed (just before falling asleep and said to sebi "a laundermat! we should just take all the clothes to the laundrymat and wash them all at once!" We had at LEAST 8-12 loads of laundry to do. I know i know how in the world did I get so behind?? (and i still have at least 2 to do b/c i didn't take the garments or whites but 2 is better than 12!!!) I have no idea how the clothes managed to pile up like that....well that's not intirely true they piled up like that b/c our dryer takes ALLLLL DAY to dry anything. It's very discouraging and so i've sorta been not intrested in doing laundry. I was just washing a few things and then drying them but never really able to wash the blankets (that we will be storing now that it's getting warmer) and towels and everything. it's really kinda rediculous i know. but I was able to do all 12 loads in 1 hour 40 mins instead of an entire week!! it's amazing to see all the clothes now that we've got them home and such a huge weight has been lifted off of me. *giant smile!* and! the washers did a GREAT job on the clothes (better than my washer here at home!)here are some pics of our day at the laundrymat

doing 12 loads of laundry can really wipe you out!!!

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