Sunday, February 22, 2009

it's crazy to look at the trash and see it filled with tissues. How does the body come up with so much to have run out your nose??? sorry. that's a little discusting. It started out with mosiah being a little sick, fever, etc and now Sebi and I are holding in there. I think I might be doing worse than sebi...but maybe that's just me thinking that. Today I think would be a sacrament only kind of day if it wasn't for the fact that sebi has gospel principels to teach. I hope that he's lesson goes well i know that he understands it but i think it's difficult for him to teach it to a class kind of setting. Today I grab Mosiah and we went to look out the window and there was two ducks outside!! We've seen these ducks before at the pool swimming and given them a few crackers and things but today they were right outside our patio. I quickly grabbed some bread and went out side to feed them. Mosiah really loves it. I'm so proud of my little boy. He really is a good little boy. He tried to go and feed them himself and they ran away so we sat down and threw out some more bread and they came back. I love duck pairs. Did you know the same pair of ducks will spend thier entire lifes together? It's true! I think it's very sweet. Anyway...i better go and blow my nose...i'm having trouble breathing again. bleh

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Mike loves Rachel said...

I hope you feel better soon!