Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I have 9 great ideas for a quiet book but I'm running into just a few creative blocks. So I start looking online, and while there are some good quiet books out there there isn't the ONE for me.....which is why i started the project in the first place.
Now I'm starting to re-think it all and second guess myself. It really isn't that hard to do and cutting the felt and sewing these "small" pieces together is a lot of fun. It's just that I'm re-thinking the whole thing and wondering if I can really do it and finding myself fusterated because of some tiny little road blocks.
That's really the biggest problem is that you need all these small parts for like one page of the book and it's REALLY really difficult to buy in tiny-isty-bitty quantaties. *sigh and while i'm trying to use scraps i have and get a little creative about it I just feel a little stuck. I know that when I'm done with it i'll be so proud because I've done it myself and it'll be just how i want it......hopefully.
Here are the list of the 9 pages and the idea for them
Make a face page ---- blank face with felt pieces for the eyes nose mouth ears, possibly even differant types of eyes noses and mouths (smiling sad big small etc)
Weave a Web ----- small black felt spider with string attached to page white pieces of felt for child to weave web over and under "creating a web"
Lace a Shoe ---- outline of a shoe, to strips of fabric with 4 eyelets to lace shoelace through
Catch a Fish ----- blue felt cut into shape of waves sewn on as a pocket, felt fish with magent inside to connect with "fishing pole" (stick, string and metal clasp)
Buckle the Collar ---- shape of dog cut out space for buckle to be sewn on
Match the Shapes ---- felt shapes velcro or snaps on back to match up with the page
Heres' where i'm running into problems (besides the other little problems with the pages I do have figured out)Zip up the Coat ---- jacket shape zipper........ Train? something with like button on the train Farm? fun foam animals inside "barn pocket"?

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