Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Saturday was filled with tearing up the yard to put in spinkler lines, primary program practice and Gen Relief Society mtg. It was a buzy day but it's good to be buzy sometimes. Here is the love of my life fighting with a groundhog machine to put in the sprinkler trenches. Hopefully we'll have a yard SOON! then on friday i just happened by the Chick fil a near our house and they had a prince/princess night where kids dressed up got a free kids meal. AWESOME ! ofcourse i threw together thier crowns right before we walked out the door to go :) i really do last min costumes. Soliluz loved the fries and Mosiah kept saying that he was Superman. Hence the hands on his hips etc. We all had a great time and got our bellies full. Also i didn't remember that they give little books in thier meals instead of toys. We got two differant ones in the "If you give a mouse a cookie" series

it was a super fun weekend! :)

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