Tuesday, October 05, 2010

i had all this stuff to blog about and now...blank. drat. Well let me start with what i know. Conferance was good exspecially the parts i actually got to listen to. I made coloring pages for the kiddies and we played with playdough, strun beads on pipe cleaners, had some magnets on a tray blah blah. it was pretty good. Mosiah kinda got it. It's always fun to see what he's picking up on. He got that the prophet was on TV which i'm counting as a super-rific achivement.
oh! this month is going to be SOOO busy! there is the fair (which since all of you have had a great time at i figure i better go and see what PHX has to offer), pumpkin patching, and ofcourse HALLOWEEN. Mosiah has desided firmly on being Superman. Yes folks my son went from Thomas the train to Superheros. Thats the way i roll no mind numming Spongebob dummy stuff for him. and he's started on the good stuff too the OLD superman the one where my mom passing by says "hey that's superman? i think i watched this when i was a kid" :)
Sebi? oh i guess he's pretty set on being Batman so we'll have to see where i'm going to get both of these costumes since they don't really fit into my M.O. of "make a costume in 30 mins or less b/c we are about to walk out the door" as for me and the little gal i don't know yet (here is where my nerd shows) i wanted to do something that kinda goes together b/c mosiah and sebi would both be DC comics but i don't think we'd go all Justisc Legde and be Hawkgirl and WonderWomen....well, maybe we'll see that'd be kinda a stretch to do i think....hummmm....yeah i don't know. anyway! no pics this time just hard core text with which i notice some spelling errors...sorry it's getting late for me i should NOT be awake right now. oh also found some "good" scraps of stuff in the street. the first trash pick up of the month people can throw out thier "big" items so i found some things we'll see if i use it. ofcourse if i do i'll let you know. better go now i can hear my pillow.......zzzzzzzzz oh! sorry nite!

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Beccy said...

who needs a title anyways, highly over rated. Can't wait to see your junk treasures and how fabulous you make them!