Thursday, October 14, 2010

so we finally got Soliluz a new chair. she kinda finally got big enough for a bigger chair and since we knew she'd use this one for awhile awhile we got her this one. i think she likes it :)

so we went to the fire station last weekend. Oct is fire safety month and they had a really nice little set up for kids and families to come and visit the fire station. We got some fun pictures and had a nice little time there. They also were giving out free ice cream so that was great too. Mosiah was leery of the fireman in his whole get up with the mask and everything and Soliluz was a bit distracted from it all once she got a balloon. But we had a nice time and it's always nice to get out as a family.

this weekend we have planned for a REAL babysitter to come (yes we are paying her and she's a teenager. this is a first!) while my mom me and sebi go out to a comedy show and then on saturday it continues with a trip to the pumpkin patch! I love that the weather is cooling down and that we can finally go outside again. October is set to be a very buzy month :) horray!

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