Thursday, October 14, 2010

this is pretty much the free stuff that i pulled from the side of the road. it's not much now but hopefully if i can learn how to paint it properly some of this won't but things people will want to throw out :) heee hee hopefullythis i did not pull it was just given to me! unfortunately this skyline doesn't fit well with the rest of the house so i guess i'll just have to change that
tool for better spray paint control....still struggling. guess it's more of the person behind the tools than the tools themselfs :S blerg
free from the road!
oh this is a before and after of a little pencil holder tin i had that i thought to my self....i wonder if i could just spray paint that right now.....

more after photos to come.....hopefully


Beccy said...

Wow, you really did find some great stuff. Can't wait to see the afters. And I knew that can would turn out awesome. Love it!

Cyndi said...

Love the pencil can!