Thursday, August 07, 2008

What a great idea!

i'm seriously thinking about printing some of them off so that i can have them in the future when i know that the kids will come to me saying that they are bored. I think the other great thing about this list is that it makes kids creative and use thier imagination which sadly is something i see less and less kids using (at least a few of the kids i know). I think it's fustrating to see children ages 5-11 only ever intrested in playing video games. What about books? What about going outside? What about exploring? Creating? I know a family with a dog and 4 kids....but they got another dog to play with the original dog because their kids just don't really go outside. They have all kinds of backyard space and backyard "toys" like a jungle gym swingset, giant trampoline but they don't ever go out there it seems. I don't know....I think families should do more camping than resorting.....or at least this family i'm thinking of should.

either way. this is a great list!

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Mike loves Rachel said...

Hey, Pica
You are so right. Kids and parents need to get out more. We love camping. We finally got into our house and are loving every minute. we are doing a lot of things outside including weeding!!! Wow, my mom use to discipline us with weeding but now I kind of enjoy it. The girls love being outside playing in the dirt pile and running from one end of the yard to the other. We all hope you guys are doing great. We miss game night with ya-if you hear of any great games let us know! Take care,