Friday, July 18, 2008


Arizona has been hot hot hot. right now we have our A/C running day and night. We are waiting for the first bill to see how much we'll have to cut back. Really it's not too bad as long as you don't go out in the blazing heat. Thankfully Mosiah doesn't mind staying inside and actually!! I have some news! He's walking! wow!! horray! it's so wonderful to see him get around on his own. He does pretty good turning and just yesterday learned how to clap!

Besides the heat and the baby...Sebi seems to like the new job. and I think it will work out really well for us...the only problem is once we sell our second car I'll have no way of leaving the house except for the bus. *sigh. Well, for now it's fine. My mom is on vacation and she can drive me around. Sebi also said he might look into riding the bus to work which would be nice too.

Oh! and we had a HUGE rain storm the other day here! here are a couple pics

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Marylynn said...

Pica!! How are you doing? I saw your blog on Holly's site and just knew I had to look at it. How is life for you? I am living in Utah and have a little boy. So tell me how life is for you. My site is